Placement of the intake strainer


A common mistake during the setup of the Lightweight Water Purification System is the improper deployment of the intake strainer. As you can see in the video above, the intake strainer is thrashing about in the water. This happens when the intake strainer is not secured to the anchor or some stable object, i.e. the pier, an engineer stake or other support structure. The deployment of the strainer in this manner will cause reduced water flow due to introduction of air into the water stream. Damage to the intake strainer is also probable.

To properly deploy the strainer refer to floating intake strainer setup in TM 11720A-OI (WP 0005-30).

Note: The target depth of the floating intake strainer is 1 foot below the surface and 3 to 5 feet from the bottom of the water source. This is required to stop debris, oils and other objects from being drawn into the water stream and entering the system. In the scenario above the operator should have used the anchor and rope to add weight to the intake strainer. When deploying the anchor, strainer and raw water hoses, they should be lowered into the water source DO NOT throw them in to the water. The weight of the anchor may cause the inlet strainer to separate from the hose and fitting.

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