Incorporated in 1991, TerraGroup Corporation engineers, designs, manufactures, and markets patented TECWAR® (Tactical Environmental Components – Water Asset Recovery) portable/emergency water purification systems. These portable/emergency water purification systems were originally developed for the US military to purify their drinking water, field water, and decontaminate their wastewater. TerraGroup’s past performance has been a catalogue of preparation and performance in the area of water purification. TerraGroup has synthesized engineering capability, field experience, and system design leading to the development of a complimentary and versatile suite of field water purification equipment.

Specifically, TerraGroup’s strength has been in the design and manufacture of tactical water purification equipment that supports potable water production and the pre- and post-treatment of source water and effluent in reverse osmosis (RO) field operations. In 1996, TerraGroup developed and demonstrated the first all source capable, tactical lightweight water purification system.


In July of 2008, TerraGroup Corporation was awarded contract #M67854-08-D-5083 to provide its Lightweight Water Purification System (LWPS) to the US Marine Corps and US Navy on 21 July, 2008. Product testing was completed with most favorable results in December of 2009. Current production is underway for both Marine Corp and Navy systems. To date, 98 LWPS have been shipped.

Description: IMG_7988

The LWPS (pictured above in a transport configuration) is a lightweight, modular and scalable, highly transportable, self-contained water purification system consisting of three functional components: 1) Raw Water Feed, 2) Reverse Osmosis Purification, and 3) Product Water Distribution. It is also capable of providing enhanced operations using modules that provide additional capabilities for cold weather operations, shore or beach operations, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Water purification, and protection against Nuclear Biological, and Chemical threats. The LWPS provides battalion size and smaller units with potable water support in forward operating areas where bulk water purification would not be feasible.

Specifically, The LWPS is a compact water purification system capable of treating freshwater, brackish water, and seawater. The LWPS will produce potable water at a flow rate of 75 to 125 gal/hr or 1.25 to 2.1 gal/min, depending on the water source. The LWPS consists of several man-portable modules, including a raw water feed pump, a diesel engine-driven high-pressure (HP) pump, reverse osmosis (RO) skid, and product water distribution pump. The LWPS will include overpack boxes, which contain all the tools, items, and consumable supplies (except Class III petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL)) required to operate the LWPS for 140 operating hours. The LWPS is designed to fit in a M1152 high – mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) or M1102H trailer. It can also fit in the back of any pickup truck with 48” wheel well width and an 8’ bed. The system is designed to be emplaced/stored by a crew of two operated by one person. The schematic illustration and photograph below show the LWPS components in operational configuration.


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